Hadley Top Sew-Along

Pattern: Hadley Top

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Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Hadley Top! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Hadley, how to sew straight seams, set sleeves, and applying facings.

Need inspiration? Browse our Hadley Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Hadley Sew-Along Posts

1. Introducing Hadley

Learn all about the Hadley Top! From our inspiration, to design details everything you need to know before you start picking fabrics and sewing is here.

2. Hadley Inspiration

We’ve gathered some images from around the internet to inspire your own Farrow Dress.

3. Choosing Fabrics

Not sure what fabric to use for your Hadley? Learn how we selected our fabrics to make the process easier for you.

Hadley Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

4. Gathering Supplies

Nothing is worse than your project stalling out when you realize you’re missing something you need. Follow our guide to make sure you have all of your supplies ready to go before you get started.

Yates Sew-Along | Selecting your Size

5. Selecting Your Size

Learn how to take accurate measurements as well as which measurements are the most important for the Hadley top in this informative post.

6. Pattern Adjustments

Every body is different. Here we offer solutions and tips for the most common fitting adjustments and needs.

7. Cutting

Have questions about cutting? We’ve got it all laid out for you here.

8. Applying Interfacing

An easy to reference guide to exactly where your fusible interfacing should (and shouldn’t) go!

9. Assembling the Fronts

Getting your front bodice ready to go is easy with our step by step tips!

10. Assembling the Back

We walk you through assembling the backs of both view A & B here.

Hadley Sew Along | Grainline Studio

11. Side & Shoulder Seams

In this post we sew up our side seams on views A and B.

Hadley Sew Along | Grainline Studio

12. View A: Sleeves

If you’ve never set sleeves before, or just need a refresher, this post is for you!

Hadley Sew Along | Grainline Studio

13.  View B: Armhole Facings

Attaching the facings is simple but has many steps to achieve the best possible outcome. We walk you through them all here!

Hadley Sew Along | Grainline Studio

14. View A: Neckline Facing

This step is similar to the armhole facings with the exception of the opening at the back of the dress. Have no fear, we’ve got a tip for that!

Hadley Sew Along | Grainline Studio

15.  Hem Facing

In this post we talk about applying a hem facing, including all the necessary steps to a crisp, beautiful finish.

Hadley Sew Along | Grainline Studio

16. Finishing

Here we walk you through the hand-sewing and finishing steps needed to put the finishing touches on your Hadley.

Pattern Variations & Extras

Hadley Modification 01: Wrap Top | Grainline Studio

Hadley Top Pattern Variation 01: Wrap Top

Learn how to modify your Hadley Top Pattern into a drapey wrap top in this tutorial.