Hadley Sew-Along: Cutting

Although cutting can be tedious, cutting the Hadley pattern is pretty straightforward. Not too many pieces and just a bit of fusible. Follow the diagrams below to double check that you've cut everything you need for View A or View B.

We've gotten a few questions about the Hadley which I'll answer below:

  1. Can I cut the front and back pieces on the fold? Yes, you can for all the fronts and the View B back. Be sure that you're removing the center front and back seam allowance before you cut or your facings won't fit. You'll need to cut the View A back as two separate pieces due to the keyhole opening in the back. Without this you won't be able to get the shirt over your head.
  2. Will the sleeves fit on either view / can I make either view sleeveless? Yep! You can make View B with sleeves and View A without them with no trouble. Just be aware that the yardage amounts will change. We have a great post here for estimating yardage that you might find helpful for this.
  3. Can I switch the backs of View A and View B? Yes and no. You can definitely use the View A back on the View B front, but the opposite won't work out as well. If you decide you really need to have the straight back on the jewel neck front you'll need to leave a keyhole opening in the center back or you won't be able to get it on over your head. To do this, simply transfer over the upper CB notch from piece 2 to piece 4 and follow the instructions for the keyhole in the booklet.

Alright, we'll see you back here Monday ready to sew!

Hadley Sew-Along: Cutting | Grainline StudioHadley Sew-Along: Cutting | Grainline Studio

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