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Pattern Errata

We work incredibly hard to make sure there are no errors in our patterns. Despite thorough internal testing, community testing, professional tech editing and professional proofing, we are human and mistakes can occasionally slip through. If you think you've found an error that isn't on this list, you can contact us via our contact form here.

Alder Shirtdress
1st Printing, May 2014

  • Piece 2 should read: Cut 2 Self
  • Buttonhole markings are 1/2" to the left of where they should be. They should intersect the dotted line indicating where to cut for the right side of the front pieces.

Cascade Duffle Coat
1st Printing, February 2015

Willow Tank & Dress
1st Printing, May 2016

  • Finished Garment Measurements for the Hem View A on size 18 should read 52 1/4.
  • Yardage for View B, 45" Wide Fabric should read 8-10: 2 2/3 yds, 12-14: 2 7/8 yds.

Hadley Top
1st Printing and PDF, August 2017: updated Sept. 12, 2017

  • Interfacing layout for View A is incorrect. An updated interfacing layout can be downloaded here.
  • The heading above Step 17 should read View B, not All Views.

Yates Coat
1st Printing and PDF, January 23, 2018

  • The Interfacing Map mistakenly labels pieces 21 & 22 as 22 & 23. The shapes of the pieces and the placement of them are correct.

Uniform Tunic: Adult
Print edition of the Adult Uniform Tunic, March 2018

  • Page 81: The layouts for View A and View B are switched. All yardages are correct.
  • Printed Tissue: Piece 8 should be labeled View B; Piece 13 should be labeled View A

Cortland Trench 0-18
PDF and print edition sold through September 15, 2021

  • Design Elements Views A & B are swapped.

Cortland Trench 14-30
PDF and print edition sold May 14, 2021 - September 15, 2021

  • Cover Image Views A & B are swapped.
  • Design Elements Views A & B are swapped.

Austin Dress 0 – 18
Print-at-Home PDF files downloaded before Friday May 26th

  • Pages 43 – 47 are labeled Tamarack Jacket. This does not affect the pattern, all other information on these pages is correct.