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Grainline Studio Sew Visible Project

A global study performed by Dove showed that 70% of women don’t feel represented by images they see in advertising. Feedback from our sizing survey supports this finding, and many participants expressed a desire to see new patterns shown on a variety of bodies. Inclusive representation is important, and a recognized limitation of working with [...]

Fabric Scrap Busting Series: Zippered Fruit Pouches

Welcome back to our Fabric Scrap Busting Series! We were blown away by all of the great comments, suggestions, and ideas community members provided in response to our first post in the series. You can check them out on our Instagram page. In today's tutorial we're showing you how to turn your scraps into fruit [...]

Uniform Tunic Modification 01: Uniform Shirt

Today, we're sharing two of our favorite, incredibly simple, modifications that transform the Uniform from tunic to shirt! These quick adjustments increase the number of options this incredibly versatile pattern offers. The Uniform Shirt is the perfect alternative for you if you don't think of yourself as a tunic person. Please note that you will [...]