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Scout Tee Modification 08: Gathered Scout Tee

Our Scout Tee September series continues today with another Scout Tee pattern modification. By creating a front yoke piece, we were able to build upon our favorite element of the Scout - the flattering neckline. The resulting garment ends up being slightly more voluminous than the original, but the proportions of the yoke paired with [...]

Fabric Scrap-Busting Series: Statement Earrings

It's been a little while since the last post in our scrap-busting series so we're excited to be sharing this post today! These statement earrings not only vacuum up fabric scraps, but they also make use of all of those buttons you've collected over the years that are currently languishing in a jar or drawer [...]

Scout Tee Modification 07: Split Back

We established our love for split back tops back in 2013 when we released our Lakeside Pajama set, but for some reason we've never transferred that design detail over to any of our other patterns until now! This is a fairly simple pattern modification that slightly alters the shape of the final garment, the A-line [...]