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Using Thread Chains To Keep Bra Straps In Place

A few years ago we talked about our love of thread chains in the studio and how useful they are when you want to keep two layers of fabric together loosely. Today we'll show you how we use thread chains to keep bra straps in place under sleeveless garments like our Alder Shirtdress, Hadley Top, Farrow [...]

An Update on Our New Size Range and a Survey!

If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, you know that we announced in our January 8th update that we have begun work on expanding our size range with a second block! We started laying the groundwork for this new range back in September of last year with a complete redesign of [...]

New Year New Hobby: Our best posts for beginners!

A new year is upon us and to celebrate I've gathered up 5 posts aimed at having a great 2019 sewing year. Whether you're just picking up the sewing habit (yay!) or you're a long time sewer, there's bound to be a new tidbit of info you can use in these posts!   Selecting Your [...]