Uniform Tunic Sew-Along

Uniform Tunic Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

Pattern: Uniform Tunic

Difficulty: Beginner

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Uniform Tunic! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Farrow, sew straight seams, set sleeves, create inseam pockets, and applying facings.

Need inspiration? Browse our Uniform Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Uniform Sew-Along Posts

Uniform Tunic Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

1.  Fabric Inspiration and Selection

Choosing fabric can be overwhelming. In this post we talk about what to look for, fiber content, and the importance of ordering a swatch. All of this is divided by fabric weight, one of the most confusing aspects for a lot of people. It’s a must read!

Uniform Tunic Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

2. Gathering Supplies

Nothing is worse than your project stalling out when you realize you’re missing something you need. Follow our guide to make sure you have all of your supplies ready to go before you get started

Uniform Tunic Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

3. Selecting Your Size

We walk you through taking proper measurements, using them to select the correct size, and what to do if you’re not a straight size (most of us aren’t).