Uniform Sew-Along: Cutting

Although cutting can be tedious, cutting the Uniform Tunic is pretty straightforward. Not too many pieces and just a bit of fusible. Follow the diagrams below to double check that you’ve cut everything you need for View A or View B. And please note, there was an error in the labeling of the pattern pieces – the sleeve should be labeled View B and the armhole bias facing should be labeled View A. The diagrams below are correct and remember, all of the pattern pieces are interchangeable between views so you can really choose your own adventure!


Next up in the Uniform Sew-Along we’ll be assembling our bodices…stay tuned!

Mentioned Products

  • Uniform Tunic 0 – 18
    Uniform Tunic 0 – 18
  • Uniform Tunic 14 – 30/32
    Uniform Tunic 14 – 30/32