Uniform Sew-Along: Sleeves

Today we'll be setting the sleeves of the view B Uniform Tunic. Much like the previous armhole facing post you can use the sleeves in view A or view B with no adjustments, it's all up to your personal preference. With that let's get started!

To begin lay out both sleeves and fold the side seams together with the right sides facing. This way you can make sure that you have two opposite sleeves.

Sew the underarm seams using the standard ½" seam allowance and finish your seam allowance as desired. In this sample we serged ours together.

Press the seam allowance towards the back of the sleeve.

Using a large basting stitch, place two lines of stitching between the two armhole notches. Place one line 3/8" from the cut edge and the second 5/8" from the cut edges. Be sure to leave thread tails.

Place the sleeve right side out inside of the bodice which should be turned wrong side out. Align the underarm seams, notches, and the shoulder seam with the top shoulder notch on the sleeve. Gather the sleeve caps if needed to fit into the armhole. Pin in place.

Stitch around the armhole with your ½" seam allowance and finish your seam as desired. You can give a light press to the seam if you'd like (press the seam allowance towards the armhole) though you don't need to. On this sample I just gave the linen a bit of a finger press.

Repeat these steps for the other side of the garment.

To hem, fold the raw edge up ¼" and press, then ¼" again and press.

Stitch the folded fabric in place to hem the sleeves.

That's it for setting your sleeves! As I mentioned at the beginning of the post you can use either bodice with sleeves for the ultimate mix and match garment. Next up we'll finish the neckline of our tunics and you'll be wearing it in no time!

Uniform Sew-Along: Sleeves | Grainline StudioUniform Sew-Along: Sleeves | Grainline StudioUniform Sew-Along: Sleeves | Grainline Studio

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