Uniform Sew-Along: Skirt View B

Today we’re going to talk about sewing up the skirt for view B. While this skirt doesn’t have pockets as written you can add them if you like.

To begin, take the front skirt and fold the raw edge of the sides over ¼” and press, then fold that edge over ¼” again and press.

Edgestitch along the folded edge to anchor the hem.

Repeat these steps for the other side of the front skirt.

Fold up the hem of the skirt ¼” twice and press. Edgestitch the hem in place, then repeat these steps for the back skirt.

Now we’ll attach the skirt to the bodice. Turn your bodice right side out and place the front skirt right side down on top of it, aligning the raw edges and matching the notches. Sew across the skirt at approximately ¼” to anchor it in place before we attach the back skirt and sew all the way around.


Align the back skirt to the back bodice again with right sides facing. Stitch around the entire seam using the standard ½” seam allowance.


Finish your seam allowance as desired, we serged ours.

Press the skirt down, away from the bodice. The seam allowance will naturally want to stay pointing towards the bodice so don’t try to press it down, just leave it as is.

You can optionally stitch around the waistline seam through the seam allowance and bodice to anchor the seam allowance in place. We stitched ours ¼” from the seam line.

That’s it for attaching the view B skirt! Up next we’ll bind our armholes on view A, though you can easily use this method for view B as well.

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