Cascade Duffle Coat Sew-Along

Pattern: Cascade Duffle Coat

Difficulty: Advanced

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Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Cascade Duffle Coat! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Cascade, tips for working with wool, how to insert a separating zipper, attaching hood, sewing and inserting a two piece sleeve, how to line a coat using the bagged method, and much more!

Need inspiration? Browse our Cascade Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Cascade Sew-Along Posts

1. Pattern Introduction

Get the details on the fit and style of the Cascade pattern, learn more about why we designed this versatile winter coat, and why it’s rated Advanced (because of the sheer number of pieces rather than the difficulty).

2. Inspiration

Check out our Cascade style inspiration to get your creative ideas flowing!

3. Gathering Fabrics & Supplies

We walk you through all the fabrics, tools, and supplies needed for completing your Cascade with ease.

4. Fit & Cutting

Need help choosing your size? We’ve got you covered in this post. We also walk you through cutting your fabric and matching a print or plaid across a two piece sleeve.

5. Fronts, Backs & Pockets

Learn how to assemble your front and back pieces and properly reinforce your pockets prior to attachment.

6. Make your own Toggles

Good looking toggle closures that match your coat can be hard to find, but luckily making your own is easy!

7. View A: Front Closures

Create and attach the center front bands shown in View A. This view is not shown with a zipper, just the toggle closures, though you can insert a zipper if you wish.

8. View B: Front Closure

Create and attach the center front bands and learn how to insert the separating zipper. This view can also be made with the zipper omitted.

9. Attaching the Toggles

Attaching your toggles can be tricky but we’ve got a few tips to make the process easier in this post.

10. Side Seams & Sleeves

Sew up your side seams and make & insert your sleeves. You’re now almost done with the outer shell!

11. The Collar

If you’ve opted for the collar on your Cascade this post is for you.

12. The Hood

If you’ve opted for the hood on your Cascade learn how to assemble and line it here.

13. Linings & Facings

Your step by step guide to assembling the linings and facings in preparation for lining your coat.

14. Lining your Coat

Lining your Cascade using the “bagged” method might sound like complicated magic, but it’s really very easy.

Pattern Variations & Extras

Alternate Cascade Yardages

Wondering how much fabric it takes for a contrast hood and yoke, or hood lining? We lay it all out for you in this post.