Archer Button Up Sew-Along

Pattern: Archer Button Up

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Archer Button Up! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Archer, construct and attach a shirt collar, set sleeves, insert buttons & buttonholes, and much more!

Need inspiration? Browse our Archer Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Archer Sew-Along Posts

1. Pattern Introduction

Get the details on the fit and style of the Archer pattern and learn more about why we designed this relaxed fit women’s button up shirt.

2. Fabric Inspiration

Not sure what fabric to use for your Archer? See our picks here!

3. Assembling the Pattern

Not sure how to assemble a PDF Pattern? We’ve got you covered here!

4. Cutting your Archer

This pattern has quite a few pieces. Here we walk you through cutting your Archer with ease.

5. Selecting and Applying Interfacing

Selecting interfacing can be one of the most intimidating parts of a project. See how we select our interfacing in this post.

6. Making the Button Bands

It’s time to make the button bands! Remember, women’s garments are right over left for closures.

7. Attaching your Pockets

It’s time to attach your pockets. Get neat, uniform pockets with our tips and techniques!

8. Assembling the Back

Now we’re ready to start assembling the body of the shirt, starting with the backs. Both views A & B are pictured here.

9. Yoke: Method 01

This first method of attaching your yoke is super easy and very straightforward.

10. Yoke: Method 02

If you’ve mastered the first yoke method, or are just looking for a challenge, level up with the burrito method! We’ve got a video to walk you through with ease.

11. Sleeve Plackets


Inserting continuous sleeve plackets can be intimidating since you’re cutting straight into your sleeve, but with our tips you’ll be a placket pro in no time!

12. Sleeves & Side Seams

Now for the exciting part, the sleeves and side seams. Your Archer is now ready for a try on!

13.  Assembling & Attaching the Collar

Sewing the collar doesn’t need to be scary. Follow our tips for a painless collar application.

14. Sewing the Cuffs & Hem

You’re in the home stretch! We’ll attach the cuffs and hem the shirt in this penultimate sew-along post.

15. Buttons & Buttonholes

Alright last step, the buttons and buttonholes! Measuring, marking, and insertion of the buttonholes and the attachment of the buttons are all covered here.

Archer Pattern Variations & Extras

Variation 01: Sleeveless

With a few quick pattern alterations you can get your Archer prepped and ready for summer!

Variation 02: Alternative Pocket

Create a cute stylized pocket for your Archer. This tutorial is also applicable to any applied or patch pocket!

Variation 03: Alder + Archer v.01

We get a lot of questions about whether or not the Archer sleeves can be sewn on the Alder, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. The Alder was drafted to be sleeveless which means it takes a bit of drafting to get the Archer sleeves to fit. We show you how to adjust your pattern here.

Variation 04: Alder + Archer v.02

Another method for combining the Alder + Archer. We start with the Archer body here and combine it with the Alder below the waist. This avoids the more complicated drafting necessary in our first tutorial.

Variation 05: Colorblocked Archer

Create a one-of-a-kind shirt using two of your favorite coordinating fabrics. It’s an easy change that packs a huge punch!

Archer Pleated Popover Variation | Grainline Studio

Variation 06: Pleated Popover

Add a center pleat to your Archer Popover with our super easy tutorial!