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Austin Dress Sew-Along

Join us as we sew the the Austin Dress! During this series we'll cover all aspects involved in creating your own Austin Dress. From fabric selection, help fitting and pattern adjustments, to sewing through the pattern step-by-step, we're covering everything.

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Austin Dress Video Lessons

Day 1: Intro, Fabric & Supplies

In this first video in the series we're discussing everything you need to create your own Austin Dress. Having everything you need ready to go is a great way to start a new project!

Day 2: Choosing a Size & Pattern Adjustments

This lesson covers everything you need to know about choosing a size and making basic pattern adjustments.

Day 3: Cutting your Fabric

In today's lesson we're cutting our fabric! Watch as we discuss layout, best practices for cutting, and more.

Day 4: Cutting & Applying Your Fusible Interfacing

Learn how we choose interfacing, best practices for cutting, and how to apply it. This is the last step before we start sewing!

Day 5: Assembling the Bodice

Today we get to start sewing! Watch as we sew the center front and back seams, create our darts, then sew up the shoulder seams.

Day 6: Finishing the Neckline & Keyhole

In this lesson we're applying the neckline binding, inserting the elastic cord button loop, and adding our top and edgestitching to the bodice.

Day 7: Sewing the View A Skirt

In this lesson we're assembling the View A Skirt, adding our edgestitching and topstitching, then attaching it to the bodice. If you're making View B you can skip this lesson.

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