Town Bag Sew-Along

Join us as we sew the Town Bag! The Town is the larger sibling of the popular Field Bag and is perfect for larger projects, lunches, or using as an every day bag with a Field Bag inside it!

During this series we'll cover all aspects of making the Town Bag. This is a great series for anyone just starting out sewing with sewing and may need a bit of hand holding, and also for experienced sewers looking to pick up extra tips. We'll learn how to, work with thick fabrics, set rivets, and more!

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Town Bag Video Lessons

Day 1: Intro, Fabric & Supplies

In this first video in the series we're discussing everything you need to create your own Field Bag, from fabrics & notions, to tools & supplies. Having everything you need ready to go is a great way to start a new project!

Day 2: Printing & Assembling the PDF Pattern

In this video I'll walk you through the process of downloading and printing your digital PDF pattern. After that I'll show you how I assemble the tiled pattern pages. If you've purchased the paper version of the pattern or had your PDF printed at a copy shop you can skip this lesson.

Day 3: Cutting & Prepping Your Fabric & Notions

In this video I'll be walking you through how to cut your bag. We'll discuss how to lay out your pattern pieces, tracing off your pattern onto fabric, marking the match points, and cutting the webbing and cord.

Day 4: Assembling the Body & Ataching the Straps

In today's lesson we'll be assembling the main body of the bag, then attaching the handles. After that we'll attach the handles and secure them either with a thread X or by installing rivets.

Day 5: Assembling & Attaching the Pockets

In today's lesson we're assembling and attaching the pockets! We'll then discuss bar tacks and add them to our pocket. Only one lesson left after this!

Day 6: Sewing the Gussets & Finishing the Bag

In today's lesson we're sewing up the side seams of the bag, creating the gussets, then threading our cord through the top of the bag to create the drawstring top.

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