Tamarack Jacket Sew-Along

Pattern: Tamarack Jacket

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Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Tamarack Jacket! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic quilting techniques, how to insert a welt pocket, tips for applying bias binding, and more.

Need inspiration? Browse our Tamarack Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Tamarack Jacket Sew-Along

1. Pattern Introduction

Get the details on the fit and style of the Tamarack and learn more about why we designed this versatile fall jacket.

2. Inspiration

Need some inspiration to help plan your Tamarack Jacket? We’ve got you covered in this post with classic looks to patchwork and everything in between!

3. Swatches

Not sure what fabric to use for your Tamarack? We’ve chosen a selection of fabrics – from casual to formal – to get you started on your search!

4. Tamarack Supply List

The Tamarack requires quite a few unique supplies due to the quilting of the jacket. To avoid your project stalling out when you realize you’re missing something you need, follow our guide to make sure you have all of your supplies ready to go before you get started.

5. Using Pre-Quilted Fabric

If you’re not feeling up to quilting your Tamarack yourself, you can use pre-quilted fabric. Our guide tells you what you need to know if you’re going this route.

6. Cutting

Due to the quilted nature of the coat you’ll be cutting a few things differently than you would on a regular garment. Check out our guide here to make sure you’ve cut everything you need.

7. Assembling your Pieces for Quilting

For a lot of garment sewers this is going to be the most foreign part of the process unless you have some quilting experience. Fear not, we’ll walk you through with ease and soon you’ll be wanting to quilt all sorts of things!

8. Additional Quilting Tips

In this post we expand on a few basic quilting techniques you might find useful if you’re making a Tamarack Jacket, as well as introduce a few alternative quilting options.

9. Inserting Welt Pockets

There aren’t a lot of things more frightening than cutting a hole through the middle of your garment which is why we walk you through each step of the welt pocket process with plenty of step by step photos. You’ll be a pro after this!

10. Applying Bias Binding

Here we walk you through that process which includes our technique for turning corners with bias binding. If you’ve ever made a quilt this part will be familiar for you, and if not you’ll be learning something new!

11. Setting Snaps

The last step in your Tamarack jacket is adding the closure! There are a few different options you can use for this, but we’re going to show a quick and easy method to set snaps using the tools that came with your snap set.