Lark Tee Sew-Along

Pattern: Lark Tee

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Difficulty: Beginner

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Lark Tee! In this sew-along you’ll learn how to work with knits, sew straight seams, and attach a knit neckband. Whether you’re working on a sewing machine or serger, we’ve got you covered here.

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Lark Sew-Along Posts

1. Pattern Introduction

Get the details on the fit and style of the Willow pattern and learn more about why we designed this versatile summer top and dress.

2. Choosing your Fabrics

Not sure what fabrics to choose for your Lark? We’ve got some ideas for you in this post!

3. Working with Knits

We walk you through all the supplies you’ll need to make your Lark as well as a few basics of working with knits you’ll need to make a successful garment. Never heard of differential feed? You’ll definitely want to read this post.

4. Assembling the Body

All of the shirts follow this method so whether it doesn’t matter what sleeve length or neckline you’re using, these will be your first steps. Bonus – you’re over half-way done when you finish this part!

5. Scoop & Crew Necks

Both the scoop & crew necks are finished in the same exact same manner, the only difference between the two is that the necklines are different lengths.

6. Sewing the V-Neck

The v-neck is slightly more complicated than the scoop or crew neck, but still manageable for beginners! We’ve got a few tips that will guide you through easily.

7. Sewing the Boatneck

The boatneck is finished differently than the other necklines, without a neckband. You’ll need your sewing machine for this step.

8. Hemming your Lark

The final step is hemming your tee, then you’re done!

Lark Pattern Variations & Extras

Lark Cardigan Variation: Pattern Alterations

Learn the pattern alterations necessary to transform your Lark Tee into a drapey cardigan.

Lark Cardigan Variation: Sewing Tutorial

Once you’ve completed your pattern alterations this post will walk you though the sewing steps to complete your cardigan.

Strap Neckline Variation

This simple alteration to your Lark pattern creates unique look with little effort.

Colorblocked Lark Variation

Create your own classic colorblocked Lark! We walk you through the pattern alterations and sewing instructions in this post.

Two Embroidered Lark Tees | Grainline Studio

Embroidered Lark Tee

Create your own custom embroidered Lark Tee! We’re sharing two variations to get you inspired to make your own.