Farrow Dress Sew-Along

Pattern: Farrow Dress

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Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Farrow Dress! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Farrow, sew straight seams, set sleeves, create inseam pockets, and applying facings.

Need inspiration? Browse our Farrow Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Farrow Sew-Along Posts

1. Introducing Farrow

Learn all about the Farrow Dress! From our inspiration, to design details everything you need to know before you start picking fabrics and sewing is here.

2. Farrow Inspiration

We’ve gathered some images from around the internet to inspire your own Farrow Dress.

3. Swatches

Not sure what fabric to use for your Farrow? We’ve chosen a selection of fabrics – from casual to formal – to get you started on your search!

4. Gathering Supplies

Nothing is worse than your project stalling out when you realize you’re missing something you need. Follow our guide to make sure you have all of your supplies ready to go before you get started.

5. Selecting your Size

We walk you through taking proper measurements, using them to select the correct size, and what to do if you’re not a straight size (most of us aren’t).

6. Pattern Adjustments

Need help adjusting the length, blending between sizes, or doing a small or full bust adjustment? We’ve got you covered in this post.

7. Cutting

Cutting is one of the longest steps but we show you how to properly mark your pocket placement, cut, and snip your notches with ease.

8. Assembling the Dress Back

In addition to walking you through the assembly of the dress back, we have a few tips that will prove useful if you’re using a thin or drapey fabric in this post.

9. Assembling the Front

Assembling the front is essentially the same as the back with the addition of the clever front pocket construction. We hold your hand through that as well as provide a few tips useful if you’re using a tricky fabric.

10. Side & Shoulder Seams

In this post we sew up our side seams on views A and B.

11. Armhole Facings: View A

Attaching the facings is simple but has many steps to achieve the best possible outcome. We walk you through them all here!

12. Setting Sleeves: View B

Setting sleeves may seem scary but with our tips you’ll have your sleeves set in no time.

13. Neckline Facing

This step is similar to the armhole facings with the exception of the opening at the back of the dress. Have no fear, we’ve got a tip for that!

14. Hems and Finishing

Here we walk you through hemming as well as the hand-sewing steps needed to put the finishing touches on your Farrow.

Farrow Pattern Variations & Extras

Variation 01: Farrow with no Pockets

Did you know you can easily remove the pockets from the Farrow Dress? This is a great option when working with slippery or unstable fabrics. In this post we show you both the pattern alterations and sewing instructions to make your own pocketless Farrow.

Sewing Facings on Narrow Sleeves

Here we answer the question, “How do I sew a facing on a sleeve that’s narrower than my machine’s arm?” It’s really very easy!

Variation 02: Lining your Farrow Pt.1

If you’ve ever wanted to line your Farrow dress these 2 tutorials are for you. It’s really very simple and great for slightly sheer or very silky fabrics. We show you the pattern alterations you’ll need in this step.

Variation 02: Lining your Farrow Pt.2

If you’ve ever wanted to line your Farrow dress these 2 tutorials are for you. It’s really very simple and great for slightly sheer or very silky fabrics. We walk you through the sewing instructions here.