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Removing the Inseam Farrow Pockets

Farrow Dress Without Pockets | Grainline Studio

One of the first pattern variation tutorials we published for the Farrow back when we released the original 0-18 pattern was this tutorial on removing the inseam pockets.  Of course people will say, why would anyone want a dress without pockets! But I can think of a few reasons why which I'll share now.

Little known fact, or maybe not I'm not sure, but I wore a pocketless Farrow for my wedding back in 2016. I used silk 4-ply silk crepe de chine, omitted the pockets, and lined it with silk charmeuse for that dress. I think that omitting the pockets made the dress a bit more formal and suited to the occasion. When made in thin fine fabrics the pockets can collapse a bit, which I love in rayon but not as much in my wedding dress. In addition to that, if you're working with a more difficult fabric like the silk crepe de chine used in the sample above, it will definitely be an easier project to omit the pockets.

Farrow Dress Without Pockets | Grainline Studio

To begin, you'll need to draw a line across the pocket stitching lines on both the front bodice and front skirt pieces. This will demarcate the pockets, shown in blue above, from the dress, shown in white.

Farrow Dress Without Pockets | Grainline Studio

Trim along the line you drew to separate the pockets from the dress pattern pieces. Discard the pockets.

Farrow Dress Without Pockets | Grainline Studio

Add a 1/2" seam allowance to the diagonal waist seams formed by removing the pockets. You will now assemble the front dress by following the same instructions as the back. So there you have it, easy as pie! Honestly easier than pie I'd say because I've ruined quite a few of those in my time. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below and don't worry, we've got a tutorial on how to line the dress as well!

Farrow with No Pockets Tutorial | Grainline Studio

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