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Tamarack Society Sew-Along

Last week I posted an image on Instagram of a jacket I wanted to use as inspiration for a long Tamarack Jacket and you guys went wild. So many of you wanted to make Tamaracks with me that I'm officially announcing the Tamarack Society Sew-Along! This won't be a standard sew-along since that already exists here, but rather a group of us sewing either Tamaracks as drafted, or altered at the same time. I'm hoping we can offer each other encouragement, support, and lots of fun - hence the word society! This week I'll be talking about what my plans are, as well as sharing a list of supplies you'll need to create your own, including an easy way to estimate yardage if you're lengthening your jacket also.

I've also made a discount code for the event, for the next week you can use TAMARACKSOCIETY at checkout to receive 15% off* the printed or PDF pattern! I think we'll also use the hashtag #tamaracksociety on Instagram so we can keep up with each other's progress. Now is the perfect time to get going on a jacket like this, it looks like it takes a while but it's really pretty quick and you'll be able to wear it a ton before the really cold weather sets in!

Tamarack Society Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

Now to talk about my plans for the sew-along! I'll be referencing the jacket to the right above for my long Tamarack. I absolutely love the quilting pattern on this one as well as the grey/black combo, though it'll definitely be a dog hair magnet. Oh well! I've outlined my main pattern adjustments above and they're nothing too difficult. I think the double welts will probably be the most intensive part of that list, but still not a big deal.

Tamarack Society Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

As for the fabric, I'm going to use quilting cotton for mine and I think I'm not going to pre-wash it. That way it will shrink up a bit and puff out like the inspiration jacket fabric does and also how quilts do! Because of that I'll likely go up one size from my measurements, so I'll be making a 8 bust/10 hip rather than a 6 bust/8 hip. I'm undecided on whether I'll pair the black binding with Gotham or Charcoal and I'm also debating a black and white gingham lining. The only thing I worry about with the gingham is not being able to see the awesome stitching patterns from the inside of the coat, but also, does that matter? It's the inside of the coat!

So that's what I'm thinking for my Tamarack Society Sew-Along jacket! I'm going to draft out my changes and I'll be back Wednesday with tools, supplies, and how to calculate your new yardage if you're lengthening your jacket. In the meantime let me know what you're thinking, or upload a photo of your ideas & inspiration to Instagram and tag @grainlinestudio or use the hashtag #tamaracksociety so that I can see what you're planning!!

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Tamarack Society Sew-Along: Supplies & Resources | Grainline StudioTamarack Society Sew-Along: Supplies & Resources | Grainline Studio

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