Free Downloadable Pattern Cards for Home Sewing!

Free Downloadable Pattern Cards for Home Sewing | Grainline Studio

We're starting out the month with our very own pattern cards geared specifically at home sewing! If you're familiar with the garment industry, pattern cards or cutter's musts often accompany a pattern around the sewing facility giving the people working with it the information they need to correctly cut and sew that garment. We love the idea of these but we've found that the way they're formatted isn't really ideal for home sewing.

Get Organized with our Free Downloadable Pattern Cards | Grainline Studio

With that in mind we designed our own dream pattern cards! They have all the information you need when working with a home sewing pattern, including:

  • Basic details like pattern name, view you're making, and the date.
  • Space for a sketch and fabric swatches which is especially great if you've made style changes to the original pattern.
  • Keep yardage and notion information handy
  • A sizing section so you know your measurements when you cut out this pattern, as well as a space for any other pattern alterations you may have made
  • The cut list lets you keep track of everything you need to cut so you don't forget anything!
  • If you don't need the cut list, download the card with sewing notes. Keep track of changes you make to the sewing process easily here.

We hang our pattern cards with our patterns to keep everything organized and neat, and we never have to wonder if we're missing a piece, if this pattern will still fit, or what we need to make it. You can download your own pattern cards by clicking the links below!

Download your PDF Pattern Cards here!

Organizing your PDF patterns and instructions | Grainline Studio

If you're interested in organizing your pattern collection, you may also enjoy our post on how we keep our digital patterns in order and easily accessible using Dropbox and the PDF markup program uPad. You can find that post by clicking the link below!

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