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Where to Find Ribbing Worldwide

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I've gotten a lot of questions about where to buy ribbing since publishing the Linden pattern. I have a few places that I've been able to find ribbing but I knew there were more out there so I asked you guys in a previous post where you've found ribbing you liked either online or in a brick & mortar store. You guys really came through with suggestions, so many that it took me quite a while to compile this list! I've listed the shops in order of the country they're based in for easier and cheaper shipping options for you guys, then divided those lists into online and brick and mortar only shops. Each shop includes a link and on each online shop that link will take you directly to the ribbing section of the website as this is what people seem more interested in rather than just knits in general. If a shop only sells knits and not ribbing I've excluded it from the list as pretty much every shop ever sells at least one knit and I didn't want the list to get bogged down and out of hand. I've also listed where the shop ships to based on what I could find on their websites. I'm sure there are more we're missing so if you've come across this list and have a great shop that should be included, leave me a comment below and I'll do my best to keep the list updated!

*Please note that this is a crowdsourced list and I have not personally ordered ribbing from each one of these shops. Feel free to review any of them in the comments below if you do end up ordering!


Fabric Depot | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
Fabrications Online | Ribbing | Knits | Ships to US and Canada
Girl Charlee | Ribbing | Knits | Ships to US and Canada
Hart's Fabric | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
Nancy's Notions | Ribbing | Knits |Ships Internationally on most items
Organic Cotton Plus | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
Rockywoods | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally (large range of technical outdoor fabrics)
Rose City Textiles / | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally (large range of technical fabrics from Portland outerwear companies)
Seattle Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally (large range of technical outdoor fabrics)
Stylish Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally BRICK & MORTAR ONLY Bontai Trimmings | New York, NY
Mill End | Portland, OR
Pacific Trimmings | New York, NY (also one of the only sites that has a good selection of RiRi zippers, the dreamiest zippers that have ever existed).
Rose City Textiles | Portland, OR
SR Harris Fabric | Minneapolis, MN
The Fabric Store | Los Angeles, CA


Land of Oh | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally


Crafty Mama's Fabric | Ribbing | Knit | Ships Internationally
The Remnant Shop | Ribbing | Knit | Ships to Australia and New Zealand

Rathdowne Remnants | Brunswick, VIC, Australia
The Fabric Store | Australia, New Zealand


Peak Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally (large range of technical fabrics)
Simplifi Fabric | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Fabrications Ottawa | Ottawa, Ontario


Ottobre |Ribbing | Knits | Ships to Europe, North America, Canada, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand


Dots n Stripes | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
My Fabric  cuff fabric here | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
Plush Addict | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
Tia Knight | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
Tissu Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Cloth House | London, UK
Misan | London, UK

Still can't find what you're looking for ribbing wise? Try these ideas... Recycle the ribbing from an existing sweater or sweatshirt Pick up and knit along the edge of your garment (this works best with sweater knits)