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My sister got married yesterday, which is why it's been a bit silent around here. Everything went off well, including my cat and I making the boutonnieres the morning of the wedding. She sure was a great help and kept trying to walk off with the flowers in her mouth.
The bouquets were made by Larkspur in Bucktown and they came together beautifully. The guys originally were just going to wear pocket squares, but good ones were hard to find and we had to improvise. It was a grand time which ended in an epic dance party and continued at various places throughout Chicago afterwards, I finally arrived home at 530 am. I'll post a few photos from my horrible digital camera of her dress either later today or tomorrow, but the good photos will have to wait until we get the official photos back. Now I am going to go take a nap. Also, does anyone know what the large pink and cream flowers in the bouquet are called? Love.