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boots : bass | dress : sessun | sweatshirt : alternative apparel
Well I shelled out some cash for a new pair of boots.  I have been feeling a bit like a slob so far this winter, and needed a little pick me up in the shoe department.  These are the Nikki boot by Bass which fill a gaping hole in my shoe collection.  I am really into wearing leggings in place of tights for the colder months since you can get really thick + fleece lined ones, but that leaves a shoe dilemma.  You need to wear a sock, but then obviously you need something that looks normal with a sock.  A tall boot fits the bill, but who wants to wear tall boots all the time?  Not me.  I had been wearing clogs with my socks which is cute for now, but not practical as of tonight when we are scheduled to get our first measurable snowfall of the season.  Now these boots are picking up the slack in a super nice way.
I also received some swatches yesterday and aren't they cozy.  I think I have dressy-casual personal style with a hit of outdoorsy, most likely because my dad has passed on his extreme love if the Wisconsin Northwoods on to me (sometimes by choice, sometimes by force).  We are the family members who can turn on the cottage (i.e. get the water + plumbing running), mix the gas for the boats, know the contours of the lakes (although we've both hit major rocks in our time, his was larger though and I told him that we were going to hit right before we did), and start awesomely warm fires.  We are also the only family members who can take people waterskiing, though I'm not sure how outdoorsy that is.  Anyway, I am dreaming of a new flannel shirt (my old one is dead) and wool leggings this winter and these fabrics would fit the bill nicely.  We'll see if I have time with all my other sewing to get the job done...crossing my fingers...