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Uniform Tunic Resources

Today we'll be sharing some Uniform Tunic resources to go along with the launch of the Uniform Tunic in sizes 14 – 30.

Uniform Sew-Along

Grainline Studio Uniform Tunic Resources

Since this pattern already existed in our original size range we already have a full sew-along for it up on our site! That means no waiting to learn from us, just head over to the Sew-Alongs page and click Uniform, or follow this link!

14 – 30 Sample Fabrics

Grainline Studio Uniform Tunic Resources

Sharing our sample fabrics is always useful so that you can see what types of fabrics work well for the tunics! Clockwise from top left we have:

Uniform Tunic Pattern Variations

Grainline Studio Uniform Resources and Pattern Variations

If you're ready to take your Uniform game to the next level, check out our pattern variations! We show you how to turn your Uniform into a dress, add a cuffed short sleeve, wear it as a shirt, or use pleats to make a fun jumper style dress!

We're always adding more pattern variations so check back periodically to see what we've added!

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