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Tiny Pocket Tank & Portside Travel Set Printed Patterns

Tiny Pocket & Portside Now in Print | Grainline Studio

In all my excitement over the new Cascade Duffle Coat pattern I completely neglected to mention that I now have the Tiny Pocket Tank and Portside Travel Set available as printed patterns! I'll be announcing the schedule for the Cascade Sew-Along on Monday and we're going to dive right in. I don't know how many people actually follow along day by day, it seems like more people catch up on the weekends or just wait till the whole things done so they know what they're in for, so I figured lets just go for it! If you still need the pattern you can find it in both PDF and Print format here. If you've ordered the Cascade already, I've been working nonstop on getting everything shipped all week and I think I should be caught up by Monday. Now back to the fulfillment center for me. Have a great weekend!

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