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Cascade Sew-Along: Announcement & Schedule

Cascade Duffel Coat Sew Along | Grainline Studio

Alright, the patterns have shipped and it's time to start the Cascade Duffle Coat Sew-Along! A lot of you have been asking me when this would start and I'm excited to dive right in. We'll be going along with the instruction booklet, as usual, but this will give you the opportunity to sew with me and ask any questions you might have as we go. If you're nervous about tackling a large project like a coat, don't worry, it's actually not as scary as it sounds and is such a rewarding project. Since I make clothes like it's my job (errr well it is) people rarely give me the "wow you sewed that?!" response to anything anymore...except coats. It still blows people away!

Cascade Duffel Coat Sew Along | Grainline Studio

Here's the schedule we'll be sticking to, 11 days to sew your coat and 2 days for variations.

Day 01: Schedule & Badges

Day 02: Gathering Your Supplies

Day 03: Choosing a Size, Cutting, and Prepping Your Pieces

Day 04: Assemble Fronts, Backs, and Pockets & Attaching Pockets

Day 05: Attaching Front Bands & Toggles

Day 06: Creating Your Own Toggles (if you're into customization)

Day 07: Complete Coat Body

Day 08: View A -Assemble & Attach Collar

Day 09: View B - Assemble & Attach Hood

Day 10: Assemble Linings & Facings

Day 11: Bag Your Jacket & Admire Your Beautiful Cascade Duffle Coat!

Cascade Duffel Coat Sew Along | Grainline Studio

I've got some badges below if you'd like one for your blog just copy and paste the code inside the boxes onto your site, or if you're sharing your progress on social media, tag your photos as #cascadedufflecoat or #cascadesewalong and we can create a little sew along community. If you still need the pattern you can grab a copy here. I can't wait to see what we sew up together!

125 x 125 pixels

Cascade Badge | Grainline Studio

175 x 175 pixels

Cascade Badge | Grainline Studio

240 x 240 pixels

Cascade Badge | Grainline Studio

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