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The Moss Skirt Now in Print

The Moss Skirt Now in Print | Grainline Studio

In addition to the Morris Blazer dropping today we're also adding a both a printed version of The Moss Skirt as well as an updated PDF to the pattern library!

I'm super excited about this new PDF and printing of the Moss because there are a few things we finally got to update due to customer feedback:

First of all, the Moss has been lengthened a smidgen which is something I noticed a lot of people were doing in their versions of the skirt. It is a mini so View A isn't knee grazing by any means, but it does have more length to it than the original version.

Secondly a lot of people had a hard time attaching the waistband properly. I noticed that people were coming up exactly 2" short no matter what size they were making. After a lot of re-testing and going back and forth via email and Twitter with customers we discovered it was because they were sewing the waistband on upside down. This shouldn't happen with one of our patterns so we've gone in and added more notches which should cut down on this happening in the future.

One last thing. If you’re purchasing the print version of the Moss Skirt they won’t be shipping out until after May 1st. I apologize for the inconvenience but we’re currently in the middle of packing up the entire studio for the move this weekend and I don’t predict us being able to ship much of anything – especially since the new patterns still need assembly – before then. I would never have planned a move to coincide with the launch of new patterns but things happen and you get through them the best you can. Kendra and I, with the help of a small team of friends, will be working super hard to make sure you get them asap though!

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