The Corin Pattern Design Details

Last week we introduced you to our newest pattern, The Corin Top! This week we’ll be talking about the pattern more in depth, starting with today’s post. We’re diving deeper into the individual design elements of each version, walking you through the style and design decisions we made, and talking about the possible options that we didn’t sew up as samples. So let's discuss!

The pattern description for the Corin describes it as a drapey drop-shoulder top with a wide round neckline. It includes two sleeve options – a ruffled cap sleeve and a straight 3/4 length sleeve. An optional gathered elastic detail at the front and back waist adds interest and shaping. While we have sewn up three views of the pattern, the sleeves and elastic can be combined in any configuration to create 6 different options.

Grainline Studio Corin Sewing Pattern Details

The first version of the Corin that we designed was the ¾ length sleeve with elastic at both the front and back waist. During our first fitting one of our fit models suggested the ruffle sleeve and we knew we had to add that option in. Despite the fact that the pattern was originally designed with the front and back elastic paired the ¾ sleeve, we loved how the gathered ruffle echoed the elastic gathering at the waist.

Grainline Studio Corin Sewing Pattern Details

The elastic brings the waistline in, creating a lightly fitted silhouette. You can easily adjust how tightly the waistline is cinched in by making your elastic longer or shorter than recommended in the pattern.

The ruffle sleeve is gathered at the center of the outer arm, rather than the entire way around which reduces the bulk at the underarm which can arise with a drop shoulder silhouette and a voluminous sleeve. We particularly love the ruffle sleeve in a fabric with great drape like the rayon or rayon/linen blends used in these samples.

Grainline Studio Corin Sewing Pattern Details

For the second version of the Corin, we have eliminated the elastic at the back waistline. This creates a more relaxed silhouette while still placing some emphasis on the waistline. On this version the front hem sits slightly higher than the back due to the gathering in at the waist which looks quite beautiful, especially when in motion.

Grainline Studio Corin Sewing Pattern Details

The 3/4 length sleeves are incredibly versatile and easy to wear. They're appropriately sized so that you have full range of motion without feeling tight, and proportionally compliment the roominess of the top. Adjusting the length of these sleeves is also very simple, all you need to do is add or subtract your preferred additional length to the bottom of the sleeve.

Grainline Studio Corin Sewing Pattern Details

The final bodice configuration on the Corin pattern has no elastic at the front or back waist. This silhouette is simple to wear and looks amazing in solids or prints. We used a linen/rayon blend and a linen for our samples and as you can see, prints or solids both work beautifully.

Grainline Studio Corin Sewing Pattern Details

The graceful, wide neckline anchors the Corin on the body and keeps the silhouette from becoming overwhelming. We've finished the neckline with a bias facing which really adds a beautiful finishing touch to the top and is easy to sew. We paired this version with the 3/4 length sleeves for our samples, but both sleeves work perfectly with this version.

 Corin Top Sewing Pattern Grainline Studio

The image above shows all of the possible sleeve & elastic combinations with the Corin Top, it's truly a mix and match pattern. We hope this post has taught you more about the style and design of the Corin and given you more confidence in deciding which version to sew up.

Our next post will focus on our fabric recommendations so check back here for that! In the meantime let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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