Tamarack Jacket in Print

Tamarack Jacket in Print | Grainline Studio

I'm excited to let you guys know that as of today the Tamarack Jacket is now available in print, and it's been updated to include a snap (or button if you're into that) placket! We originally released this pattern last fall but the response was overwhelming in favor of printing this one, as well as adding an additional closure option, so we listened and here she is! You can purchase via our shop here, or check your local shop as we did pre-sale this pattern.

Tamarack Jacket in Print | Grainline Studio

A bit about the design & fit of the Tamarack, it was drafted with fall sweater wearing in mind. The dropped shoulders and armholes allow for the often bulky arms of sweaters to fit nicely without bunching, while still maintaining a slim fit through the sleeves. The Tamarack is finished with bias binding and uses a really smart corner technique borrowed from quilting that I think you’ll enjoy. Finishing the jacket with binding cuts down on both time and bulk – since the quilting of the jacket takes the longest we wanted to make sure the construction of the actual coat was straightforward and easy. I also like the way binding looks better than sewing the coat wrong sides out and flipping it. It can be hard to press perfectly along the seam line so using binding just keeps everything nice and neat.

Tamarack Jacket in Print | Grainline Studio

The welt pockets are another part I find quite nice. The opening of the pocket is perfectly sized for your hand but the interior pocket is quite roomy allowing plenty of room for a smart phone, keys, etc. I hate when pockets don’t fit my phone and keys since they rarely make it to my bag so this was a must. You can read our original release post from last year here for more information on the pattern, or purchase the pattern here!

Note: If you previously purchased the Tamarack PDF, don't worry. You can download the updated version by following the link in your original purchase email. If you no longer have that email keep an eye on your inbox. We'll be sending out the update to the email address you originally purchased with in batches throughout the day.

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