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Tamarack Quilting Ideas

Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio

Today we're going to talk about quilting patterns on our Tamarack Jackets! This is, I think, one of the most fun parts of making a Tamarack because there are so many options to choose from, the possibilities are literally endless! Before we get too carried away though I want to share a few tips you'll want to think about when deciding on a pattern for your quilting. All of these images are pulled from our Tamarack Pinterest board.

Tips for Quilting your Tamarack


  1. Unless you have experience using a free motion foot or a longarm machine, straight lines are going to be the easiest option. Turning circles on a regular machine can be difficult with one layer of fabric and adding the batting won't make it easier.
  2. If you do want to do a circular pattern, the larger the curves the easier it will be!
  3. You don't have to use a machine, try hand quilting or sashiko for a really custom look.
  4. Practice quilting on a scrap quilt sandwich before you attack your actual garment. You may need to adjust your machine settings and tearing it out on your jacket is not fun, believe me.
  5. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit or step outside your comfort zone. Try a more intricate pattern on a solid color, or use a contrasting color on a print! This is a great time to have fun!

We also have a post from the original sew-along called Quilting Tips for the Tamarack Jacket if you need more assistance with your quilting. I highly recommend checking it out! I put together a few quilting ideas if you're looking for inspiration. Any of these would make a great starting point or finished quilting pattern. I had to stop myself at 12 because I was having too much fun. I've also popped a blank jacket in below for you to print out and use as a template to experiment with your own quilting ideas.

Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio

These 6 designs are relatively simple and would look great on a solid or print. I've used the top right and the bottom left for Tamarack samples in the past so you can see what those look like quilted in our product photos here. The less pivoting you do, the easier the quilting will be, and all of these are simply straight lines but they definitely create an impact!

Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio

These 6 patterns take slightly more planning than the first 6, but that doesn't mean they're hard! There's a bit of pivoting which I would recommend practicing on a scrap quilt sandwich before you dive in, but it's really all very similar to sewing a garment - just with more fluffiness.

Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio

If you're using a print, especially a large scale one like Lexi is using here, you can also quilt around the motif. On the front it doesn't distract from the print while on the inside you can really see all the quilting shine. I think this is a super cool option if your fabric is accommodating!

Tamarack Design Page | Grainline Studio

If you'd like to download the design page, right click the image above click "save image as". From there you can download or print, then start designing. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @grainlinestudio and use the hashtags #tamarackjacket and #tamaracksociety!

Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline StudioTamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline StudioTamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio

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