Summer Wardrobe | Polka Dot Silk Tank

The Details Pattern | My own (from here) Fabric | Silk Double Georgette from Mood Shoes | J. Crew Necklace | Cursive Design Dudes, I am SO JAZZED with this new shirt! Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my Friday failure? I originally bought this fabric to make this shirt but when my friend showed up at my apartment wearing a black and white print midi skirt I had the thought that this would be a pretty cute one. Totally misguided like woah. Lesson learned, go with your first plan. This fabric has way too much body to be gathered into something like that. Luckily I was able to cut the originally planned top out of the skirt and salvage this awesome fabric. The pattern is a hound ss12 pattern and I think it goes well with the drape of this fabric. Since I butchered my yardage I was unable to cut the bias pieces to finish the neck and armholes out of the polka dot and had to improvise with some cotton chambray instead. I think the color contrast turned out pretty cute and finishing these edges in double georgette would have been a bit of a nightmare so win win on that. Also can we talk about this awesome necklace? I borrowed it from Sarah of Cursive Design (mmm more like took it off her neck, she made me do it!) while we were shopping for new outfits last week because it went with the shirt and polka dot pants I bought to wear to a wedding that night and I CANNOT stop wearing it. Woweee people pure necklace love.

I am obviously excited about this tank!