Summer Wardrobe | Planning

Summer Wardrobe | Planning | Grainline Studio

New season new start right? We're 7 days into summer and it seems like the right time to post my plans for the upcoming season. I feel like a bit of a dweeb even posting another wardrobe challenge after I so completely failed on my spring plans but here it is, my Summer Wardrobe sewing! Much like my Autumn Wardrobe Project I'm going to try to stick to this as much as possible but if something doesn't get done or I decide to replace something with another garment I'm not going to feel down. Ha, at the finished project rate of the last few months I should probably throw a party if I get anything done at all!

Summer Wardrobe | Planning | Grainline Studio

First up are the Skirts + Dresses

▲ I've had this navy chiffon and matching lining for quite a while with no idea what to do with them until recently. They are now slated to become a midi skirt. Can I pull off a midi skirt? That remains to be seen, but if I end up looking like a fool at least we can all laugh together!

▲ I've had this cloud print cotton sateen in my Spoonflower account for SO LONG! I finally want to get a yard (or 2) and make something out of it. Again I'm not sure if I can pull off a photo real print but hey, we're going to give that a try too. Just upping the possible crazy factor with every garment.

▲ This dress is what we might want to call my safe garment after the last two. A cotton chambray button up shirtdress. You'll notice a bit of chambray creeping into my sewing over the coming months due to the fact that I have a little (immense) amount left over from my Of A Kind run for hound. Wholesale madness all over my studio. Need to use up fabric. ASAP.

Summer Wardrobe | Planning | Grainline Studio

Shirts + Shirts

▲ This little cutie will be made from some silk chiffon I picked up at Vogue on Roosevelt a while back. It's pretty rare to score anything good there lately so I basically bought the rest of the bolt on this one. Apparently the rest of Chicagoland also thought this was a gem because the rest of the bolt was about 3 yards, perfect for this shirt. How do I fare with semi-sheer polka dot chiffon shirts? We shall see.

▲ Oh hey! It's our BFF chambray again! This shirt is a definite yes, I am always cold in air conditioning so this sucker should get use all summer long and into fall/winter/whenever. It will also use up some chambray so it's a double winner!

Summer Wardrobe | Planning | Grainline Studio

Shorts + Pajamas

▲ These shorts are going to be a variation on the Arizona themed shorts I made a week or two ago but instead of the straight leg they will be curved at the side à la gym shorts. I ordered some super sweet "denim" from Mood that will hopefully be arriving soon so make these. It's not really typical denim, more of a teeny tiny checkered woven that Mood describes as denim. Could be cute.

▲ Here we have Pajama City! I've got some striped thin shirting for these pajamas and if all goes well, I may make a chambray set as well. I'm excited about these, there are always people staying at our house and it would be nice to have some pajamas that I wouldn't mind people catching me running to the bathroom (or the kitchen, wherever) in the middle of the night in.

I also have plans for a polka dot blazer as well but I'm still finalizing what I want it to look like so there's no illustration for that yet. I ended up ordering some lining for it since the fabric softened up substantially after pre-washing. I originally ordered black lining but found out via email today that they oversold the lining and I needed to pick a new color. Neon yellow should be on it's way to me soon....lets hope that wasn't a mistake!

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