Summer Wardrobe | Chambray Button Down Dress

Summer Wardrobe | Chambray Button Down Dress | Grainline StudioSummer Wardrobe | Chambray Button Down Dress | Grainline Studio

The first item of my Summer Wardrobe plan is complete, the chambray button down dress! I've worn this almost every day since I made it and I'm pretty sure there will be another one of these in the dark grey chambray I have as well. It's just too easy to wear...need more... The chambray has a really nice sheen which you can't really see in these photos that I am in love with. I really think this is my perfect dress!

Summer Wardrobe | Chambray Button Down Dress | Grainline Studio

This dress was a relatively quick sew only taking a few hours which was nice. It always feels so good to use up fabric that you have sitting around, and I have a LOT of fabric sitting around. It also used up some of my leftover buttons from a wholesale order of 300 buttons (the least amount I could order). 300! YIKES! Need to make a lot of button downs up in here. Luke took these photos super early in the morning to avoid the heat wave so pardon my grogg face, it's intense.

Summer Wardrobe | Chambray Button Down Dress | Grainline Studio

The Details
Fabric: 100% Cotton Chambray wholesaled and left over from the hound x Of a Kind edition
Pattern: My own (now the Alder Shirtdress)
Necklace: B-day gift from my friend Sarah of Cursive Design
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens x H&M

I ordered the fabric for the cloud print dress at the end of last week so hopefully that arrives soon and doesn't look too insane. The print was so large that it didn't make sense to order a test swatch, it would just be a grey square, so I went ahead with the full yard. Hopefully that wasn't a mistake! I'm also waiting on my polka dot blazer lining so that I can get started. My first 2 choices were out of stock though they were listed online (bummer!) so I ended up with red instead of the black or neon yellow I originally wanted. Sort of disappointed about that but you win some, you loose some and I think red will be just fine, possibly even cute. Definitely nautically preppy which I'm not opposed to at all. Major sidenote, I wish I had a photo of my writing this post, I'm sitting on a lawn chair in the woods with my laptop stealing a neighbors internet, ha!

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