summer dreamin'

summer dreaming | grainline studio

Summer is in full swing now and I’m dreaming of beach days and road trips. Here are a few things on my summer dreamin’ list.

cursive design scallop necklace : perfect for pairing with summer dresses or fancyin’ up shorts and a t-shirt. I love the sunny yellow beads against the neutral scallop.

minnetonka red kilty mocs : the kilty mocs are my ultimate go to shoe. They’re super cute and super comfortable. I’ve always been a mocs person, I’m on my 6th pair in as many years, and now it’s time for pair 7.

cambridge satchel company’s 14″ satchel : love love love! Blind embossed with my initials, it looks like it would fit everything I need + a little extra room.

posters of the wpa “see america” reprint : Luke is from Idaho/California and, for a period of time in his 20’s, was both a cowboy and a blacksmith in Montana. We have the most amazing iron table he made with no welds and a beautiful wooden top, but that’s besides the point. I think this would be cute in our apartment.

four corners dark 35mm film : I’ve got a few 35mm cameras and keeping them full with film from the drugstore is pretty hard but $20 for 16 rolls of 36 exposures is pretty hard to beat.