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slow progress


Things have been going pretty smoothly, though slowly, on my sister's wedding dress. Here are a few progress shots designed to not really show much of the dress (in case anyone reading shouldn't be seeing). Wedding dresses have so many layers, people always joke about them being like cakes, but in reality I think they have more layers than cakes. Here's a rundown of what makes up her bodice in order from outside in...woven fused charmeuse, canvas, tricot fused shantung + shantung which makes for 6 different layers of fabric. We're super lucky that my boss was kind enough to order this shantung wholesale for me, not only was it affordable but it's imported from France and is the lightest most flattering shade of ivory imaginable and is very strong and light at the same time. I also was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some Itallian illusion organza scraps which we're turning into the top of the bodice. We get it imported from Italy at work, it's crazy wide, 118" I believe because it's what they use to make veils for Cathedral weddings, you know those veils that trail miles behind the brides and are just as wide. It's so fine and wonderful it makes regular organza look like muslin. Okay enough about that, the last photo is sort of random, but I always use this chair (which is usually my sewing machine chair) to paint my toes and it always looks so funny I decided to take a photo. Floating nailpolish! Haha.