So I ordered the Fashionary sketchbook a few days ago and have been playing around in it in my free moments with some ideas for my spring wardrobe. It's pretty great for quick sketches, something I am loath to do because I am unable to produce a proportioned quick sketch without some sort of croquis underneath and that pains my perfectionist nature. Once you've taken the time to fish out your croquis and line it up under your notepad it doesn't really qualify as quick. It's a funny, transitioning from my go to croquis to this new one has my hand a little confused as to where to go. I get all into the sketch and my hand is moving like usual but woah there, the girl's arm is at a different angle and suddenly I'm off the guides. It's sort of funny, I didn't realize I had this much muscle memory in regards to my croquis but surprise Jen, you do. So far I'm really digging this little book and the most amazing part to me is that even after coloring in things with a black micron pen, when you turn the page you can't see it. Magic! The only thing that bugs me is the zillion pages at the beginning of information, I kind of wish it was more ladies instead. Also dudes, so pumped up about everyone who joined in the handmade spring group so far. We're gonna make this happen! So far my plan is for 2 button down shirts, (one silk one denim), a gathered sheer skirt that hits somewhere just around the knee or lower (with a lining of course), a colored denim mini skirt (deciding between coral and mint right now) and a dress or two. I'm still waiting on a bunch of swatches so I don't want to make any final decisions yet but soon! Until then I have 2 winter projects that are cut out and half sewn crying on my table. Got to get to those suckers soon.

What a dork.