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I've been getting a few questions about lengthening the sleeve for the Scout Tee so I'm super excited to show you Shivani's Scouts today! She made the first 3/4 sleeve tees I came across and I think they turned out great. Not only do the longer sleeves she made look amazing, I love her fabric choices! Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Name  Shivani

Pattern  Scout Woven Tee with a 3/4 sleeve!

What type of fabric / materials did you use?  "I've made this variation twice. The first is in a deep red polyester. The fabric is actually not great, but I'm a sucker for a floral print, and I couldn't resist it. It has a lovely drape, which I think is important for this pattern. The second is in a brushed cotton. This might be one of my all-time favourite tops."

Tell us more about your project!  "I love the Scout woven tee, but I hate the cold, so I decided to try out a 3/4 sleeve for an autumnal take on the tee. I used the existing sleeve pattern piece, and lengthened it, tapering it slightly towards the cuff. I borrowed the cuff pattern piece from another pattern. But it's basically a rectangle *about* 2" x 7". I love that I can now wear my Scout woven tees through the cold weather. These two are real work horses, and I'll be making a couple more before spring (when I'll switch back to the regular sleeve length!). It really is a great pattern. Its clean lines are perfect for showing off a gorgeous print. I love it!"

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