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Sew & Tell | Miriam of Mad Mim | Grainline Studio

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened my blog reader up one morning to find Miriam's unbelievably amazing scout tee. Not only did she sew the top but she started out with white fabric and dyed and printed it as well! I love how she did the front and back with slightly different prints, everything is just so perfect. In addition to a regular project post, she also has a full tutorial on how she went about dying and printing that I definitely recommend checking out. That sort of stuff really overwhelms me and she really lays the steps out well. Girl is talented!

Name  Miriam

Pattern  Scout Woven Tee

Miriam’s Blog  Mad Mim

Her Project Post  The Cameloozy Blouse

What type of fabric / materials did you use?  “I used a white viscose silk/rayon blend from Dharma Trading Co that I used as my canvas for dying and printing. The drape, texture and washability of this fabric really do it for me--I want a whole bolt of it!”

Tell us more about your project!  “I actually was really inspired by that large, multi-dimensional circle print of the Hound Spring 2012 collection (!), and when I began scheming a hand-dyed/printed garment, I knew I wanted to create a bold and graphic print that would evoke a similar feel. Whenever I’m dying and printing my own fabric, I like to dye, cut, print and then sew. After cutting but before construction is the best time to hand-print, because you can take into consideration the cut and design of the garment when creating your print, but you're only working with flat pieces which is nice.

All my stamps for this shirt were hand-carved, which is—if you haven’t already tried it—one of the most satisfying crafts I know of. Something about digging into that soft carving-block gratifies a subconscious tactile need I didn’t even know I had! Besides the perfect fit of this shirt, my favorite design element is the varied print on the front and back. The two sides are just different enough to shake it up and make people look twice. I love throwing subtle surprises like that into my clothes!

Construction wise I didn’t stray from the pattern instructions, they were perfect! I finished the seams with a straight stitch and serged edges.

This shirt has been a shining star since I've put it into (a pretty tight!) rotation—I’m already planning half a dozen different ways to use this pattern again! The Scout is such a classic design, it can either be the perfect staple, or a great way to showcase a crazy (beast-of-burden) print. I’m also excited about the possibilities of adding additional design elements like buttons or diagonal pleats! ”

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