self made inventory

self made inventory | grainline studio

I decided that I had better take some inventory of my self made clothes before September rolls around so I'm not just sewing willy-nilly and end up with no bottoms or something like that, and it's a good thing I did because I have no bottoms! Though I do mostly wear dresses, that would surely make for an awkward September.

self made inventory | grainline studio

Here are my tops, pretty heavy on the sleeveless only one with longer sleeves which also happens to be the only knit top in the bunch. I have plans (and fabric) for a helen cartography print top from my line as soon as my dad and I get time to print it up, but I definitely need to try to incorporate some sleeved shirts and maybe a bit more knit.

self made inventory | grainline studio

The dresses are looking in better shape and they don't require the bottoms that I haven't made so that's nice. I'm thinking about making another Mociun inspired dress since it's easy to wear and easy to make as well as a studio dress I'm working on coming up with at the moment.

self made inventory | grainline studio

Jackets I probably won't need too much but I have 2 3/4 sleeved lightweight ones for layering. The first is a Built By Wendy plaid number, the second is from my Advanced Flat Pattern class a few years ago. I would really like to add a blazer to this collection, but we'll if there's time for that. I was also tagged by Zoe of So Zo... for a little game of 8 questions so here goes on that.

1. If you had to choose a famous person to be your new best friend, who would it be and why? Ummmm.......can I come back to this one? I have absolutely no idea, I know that's lame but it's the truth!

2. What proportion of your wardrobe is handmade? Well as you can see from above, not much! I don't have that many clothes in general though so I would say about 25%. I have a sad wardrobe situation.

3. Where would you live, if money, jobs and responsibilities were taken out of the equation? This is hard, I think we would try out a few different places. I would like to live somewhere on a coast with sea storms and harbors and Luke would like to live in the Netherlands. There's always New York what with me being in fashion and Luke in art, but that place stresses me out so bad.

4. Describe the weirdest or most horrendous place you’ve worked. Worst place I've worked was hands down Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue. I am a horrible sales person people! I am too shy and feel awful selling people a $150 workout shirt made by some huge company in China. I spent way too much time hiding in the bathroom, fitting rooms and getting water and as little time on the sales floor as I could. I would get anxious the entire day every day before I worked.

5. What is your favourite sewing technique or part of a garment to sew? Haha this is so bad, but sewing is actually my least favorite part of the designing/patterning/sewing process, but out of all the sewing techniques, I would say understitching paired with grading seams, clipping and notching is one of my favorite things because so many people ignore this step and it really really really makes a garment look professionally done. I also really enjoy making 1/8" french seams and roll hems.

6. Which sewer out there do you envy the most? I'm not sure on this one. I definitely envy Svetlana the seamstress at work because she's the most amazing seamstress I've ever met, I mean she can sew an entire organza wedding dress in 2 days but I think this means blogging seamstress. In that case I don't know a lot of them, but I definitely envy Zoe for her ability to not only make a TON of awesome clothes, but to also start all these fun projects rolling.

7. Do you collect anything? I collect 2 main things, vintage pyrex and vintage things with bees on them, particurally honey pots. I need to stop collecting pyrex because I'm running out of places to put them and things to put in them. I do use my entire collection, minus the placesetting for 8 that I'm afraid will break with daily use. I don't see an end in site to the bee collection though, good things are harder to come by than vintage pyrex so it's a slower growing collection. I'm a bit specific in these collections in the fact that I refuse to buy them on ebay, I must find them while out and about at antique places, it just feels like cheating to me otherwise.

8. What’s your personal motto? "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." Sherlock Holmes says this to Watson at one point during The Hound of the Baskervilles which is one of my all time favorite books.