scanning is fun / planning is fun

I've been rifling through my swatch collection, ichin' to make myself a new spring/summer top. I'm thinking sleeveless, racerback, colorblocked, bust dart and slightly flared out hem. Basically something for hot, muggy Chicago summer nights. I like a combination of these three crepe de chine colors, which are slightly off color, but you get the idea. From left to right we have...

scanning is fun / planning is fun | grainline studio

whisp / navy / coral

I guess people don't get as into naming fabric colors as they do paint colors.  I think this top would go pretty great with one of these necklaces (I swear they all match the colors in real life) which are from left to right...

scanning is fun / planning is fun | grainline studio

h&m / dores / lulu

Both these images are from our scanner since my camera battery charger is lost in the wilds of our apartment. It's funny how crisp things are when you scan them, almost sharper than they are in real life. Or maybe I need a new Rx for my glasses.