Progress Report | Maritime Shorts Pattern

I thought it might be fun to share a few images of what I'm working on from time to time under a new section called Progress Report. Right now I'm just finishing up the pattern for the next downloadable pattern installment which I am calling the Maritime Shorts. This pattern is a Hound pattern, the first Hound pattern I've made for download, by the same name from Spring '11. I have 2 pairs of these shorts (here and here) and I'm working on a third right now, they're pretty great, I think so at least! My original plan was to put the pattern out on Friday but I now have to work and I don't really like the idea of having a new pattern release while I'm away from all technology all day so now I'm thinking Monday is the day. I'm so pumped to finish this up and get busy on the next patterns, omg! I also wanted to ask, do you find step by step photo tutorials helpful for sewing these patterns? I made one for the Tiny Pocket Tank but then didn't for the Scout Tee or Kat Dress because I wasn't sure if people were using them since the patterns come with instructions. Let me know have an opinion either way, maybe I'll bring the photo tutorials back if there is a resounding call for them. Also, if you'd like to get an email when I add new patterns to the shop, which should actually be happening now (gah, finally!), you can sign up for the email list in the sidebar.