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My first finished project of 2013 also happens to be my new favorite skirt and my 4th (I think) Moss Skirt. I got this fabric on an IKEA trip; I just couldn't pass it up especially since I was itching to sew something and my fabric was all still in boxes at the time. Funny story about buying this fabric - at IKEA you cut your own fabric and while I was doing it I noticed this probably late 40's early 50's man watching me. When I had finished cutting and labeling he asked me what I was going to do with the fabric. When I replied that I was going to make a skirt he said in a very confused voice that showed what a bad idea he thought this was, "Well... that's going to be one loud skirt." Hahaha, thanks for the heads up bro!

The Details Pattern : Moss Skirt in the shorter length with no alterations
Fabric : Ikea
Necklace : Scalloped Brass Necklace from Native Clutter

Please excuse my terrible photos, I'm still trying to figure out how on earth I'm going to take my finished project photos in my new location, especially since it's way too cold to go outside. Obviously I have a lot of figuring to do.

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