Paper Uniform 14 – 30 Patterns are Now in Stock!

Uniform Tunic Paper Pattern Sizes 14-30 Now in Stock | Grainline Studio

In addition to the Augusta shipping this week, we're so excited to announce that the Uniform Tunic paper pattern is now in stock in both our 0 – 18 B-Cup and 14 – 30 D-Cup size ranges!⁠

We had started the printing process of the 14 – 30 size range right before the pandemic hit and it got caught up in all the state closures. It took us a few months to get it but it's here as promised!⁠

Also a reminder that we are working thoughtfully through our existing catalog of 0 – 18 patterns to re-draft and bring you those styles in the 14 – 30 size range. Unfortunately we are still in a pandemic with team members who have underlying conditions, so please bear with us as we navigate the many new hurdles that have been put in our path. We are still very much committed to bringing these patterns to you and love that you all are holding us to task!

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