Owl Baby Quilt

Grainline Studio | Owl Baby Quilt You guys, awesome news! My sister is pregnant! I really wanted to be the first one to send her something for the baby and I succeeded in my mission with this owl quilt. It helps that I bought the fabric a few months ago (dude, you've got to be prepared for this stuff) but this was really a quick project. Grainline Studio | Owl Baby Quilt The pattern was from a quilting magazine my mom just bought, Quilty. Pretty basic, though I'll admit that once I found out that the pattern was designed by the owner of Quiltology here in Chicago, I almost abandoned the pattern. I had a HORRIBLE experience with the owner a few years ago that I will not forgive. Anyway...perhaps we should talk about my extreme grudge holding on another day. Grainline Studio | Owl Baby Quilt Personal issues aside, the quilt turned out pretty awesome, I mean, the owls don't hurt, those suckers are cute as hell and perfect for the temporary "it" status of the baby. I promise I won't call it "it" once we find out what "it" is Kari. I have a pretty bad habit of calling all babies "it" unless I know them personally. Grainline Studio | Owl Baby Quilt It took a long time to get this thing to Canada but it finally made it Friday. If you know of any awesome baby patterns for sewing or knitting, send them my way! I promise not to overwhelm you with photos of tiny little garments, or maybe I don't promise. Hahaha, we'll just have to see what happens.