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Our Extracurriculars

Grainline Studio | Indigo Tile Quilt

Lately we have been wanting to share with you some of the projects we work on outside of the studio. We are all creatives here and are always working on something cool! I am going to start by sharing this quilt I designed and made with my Mom. She is a fiber artist as well and the two of us love getting together and working on projects. She has really been cranking out quilts and so she offered to sew this one for me! I knew that I wanted something minimal and geometric. I also thought it would be fun to experiment with achieving a variety of color values using indigo dye on Belgian linen.


I was really inspired by tile floors and thought it would be cool to have a blanket that looks like one! After I dyed the fabric my mom and I used the quilting technique called half square triangles to cut the shapes. Then we laid out the pieces together and decided where everything should go! Finally she pieced it together and quilted it using straight lines.

Grainline Studio | Our Extracurriculars
Voila! Hope you like it.


-Post written by Sarah