online fabric shopping

I've been doing quite a bit of fabric browsing lately looking for fabric for another pattern, but haven't had much luck in Chicago so I've turned to the internet. I was browsing Britex tonight and I really think they have the market cornered on beautiful fabric. Right now I'm obsessing over that black and ivory polka dot for a new version of the Fayne tunic but it's pretty hard for me to cough up 40 dollar per yard for fabric when I need a new tooth (cracked that sucker in half on a taco, who does that!?!) among other things, so a dream it will stay. Either of these wools would pretty much make my dream blazers as well. It may be time to buy a lottery ticket, then I could have new fabric and a new tooth! Double win! Anyway, as far as online fabric shopping goes is there some sort of comprehensive list of internet apparel fabric retailers? My main purchases of this sort come from Mood, B&J, NYFashion Center Fabrics (I get my interfacings there), Denver Fabrics and Gorgeous Fabrics. What's your favorite online shop for fabric, notions, and other things you can't find in your town?