North American Birds and Tutorial Requests

North American Birds and Tutorial Requests | Grainline Studio

[Birds of North America print from Small Adventure]

Sorry for the long silence this past week, I've been without my camera cord since last week but today I get it back and can get all my post photos off, finally! Get ready for a tutorial on french seaming sleeves, a finished project and some spring wardrobe updates. In the meantime enjoy this super sweet print from Small Adventure. With all the amazing weather happening here in Chicago the birds are coming out of the woodwork, yes! It's so nice to hear them chirpy chirp chirping in the morning out the window instead of just the garbage trucks in our alley. Oh city living... I've also noticed that my tutorials are getting semi-popular as far as this blog goes and have been coming up with ideas for new ones. I have some ideas but I want to make sure that they're useful to you guys, not just what I'm guessing people might like to know. It's really hard to guess! I know I did a call for things you would like to see a tutorial for about a year ago that I've loosely been working off but I'm not sure how many of these things still apply. Soooo.....if there is a technique either sewing,  patternmaking or whatever that you would like to see, leave me a comment below and I'll see what I can do. Things on my current list include cutting silk, a notched collar and some other random junk.