Navy Lace Tee

I had originally planned to sew this top as part of my Autumn Wardrobe but obviously I'm a bit late on that. This was the original plan for the top all those months ago when I bought the fabric but I just never had time to make it until now. The funny thing is that it only took about an hour and a half to cut and sew this top so I guess what I actually didn't have previously was the mental space to make it. Even though this top is about 5 months behind schedule I'm pretty sure that I'll be getting a lot of use of it come spring and summer. I like sewing lace because you get to do fun things with the hems instead of regular boring hemming since the lace won't fray if you cut it right (following the pattern).  I just cut around the basic floral repeat but I'm thinking about going back in on the hem and cutting up every other flower. The lace border stands out nicely on the sleeves but I think it might need a bit more variation on the body. All of the seams are french seamed and the neckline is finished with an organza bias facing so that it's pretty sheer. That's how we do it at work and it works out pretty well once the garment is against your body. I ran out of organza in my skin tone and had to use ivory or it would have been even time. The pattern is of course my trusty bff Scout. And of course, the requisite photo of me in pure awkward photoshoot mode. If you happened to notice my awesome new bracelet, it's by Cursive Design. I'm a super lucky girl and got a one of a kind piece from Sarah but she has a similar one in her totally rad new collection that coincidentally debuted today. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need that bracelet too because who can resist pyrite. 4real not me boos.