My Favorite Fusibles

Riveting Monday morning information you guys, I hope you've had your morning caffeine so you don't zzzz out on this post. I actually just passed out while writing it so there'll be no hard feelings if you do. I wanted to take a moment to share with you my two favorite fusible interfacings. I've tested out a lot of fusibles over time and, though they are certainly not the only ones I use, these are the two that get the most use in my garments. Grainline Studio | Favorite Fusibles OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First up is this Medium Weight Fusible Tricot. I use this for pretty much all of my wool garments (both of my winter coats and my Morris Blazer are fused with this) as well as for things like the waistbands of my Maritime Shorts and Moss Skirts. It's heavy enough to give the additional structure you want while still maintaining the original hand of your fabric and it presses a mean crisp line. I'm currently working my way through my second 10yd bolt since last February, that's how much I use this stuff! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Grainline Studio | Favorite Fusibles This Ultra Lightweight Woven Fusible is a bit of a dream. I use it any time I need to fuse a silk charmeuse, crepe de chine or habotai as well as to reinforce necklines on chiffon garments before I apply a binding. Again this is lightweight enough that it doesn't change the drape of your silk but does add that little bit of stabilization that you want on your silks. This is the interfacing I used for my silk and Liberty Tana Lawn Archers. Anyway, hope that wasn't too boring, I just really love these fusibles, and also I can now reference this post when I need to reorder instead of trolling through pages and pages of fabric orders. Win win!