Morris Sew-Along: Cutting

Morris Sew-Along: Cutting | Grainline Studio

Cutting the Morris is pretty self explanatory but I wanted to touch on a quick point or two. Above are the pieces you'll need to cut from your self fabric - this is the main fabric you're using for your blazer.

Morris Sew-Along: Cutting | Grainline Studio

To the left in the above image are the pieces that you'll need to cut in fusible interfacing if you're making the blazer as is. The illustration to the right contains a few optional layouts.

First off, you don't need to cut the back as two pieces. I like it as two pieces because of the design detail of the seam, but also because it adds a bit of added structure. If you'd like to cut your blazer back on the fold, just remember to remove the 1/2" seam allowance from the center back.

Second, if you're making the blazer in a stretch woven or a knit with only crosswise stretch you do not need this step. If you are cutting your blazer in a knit that has a noticeable 4-way stretch (i.e. it stretches on both the length grain and crossgrain) you may want to consider adding interfacing to the front of the self fabric. This should curtail the pooling at the blazer hem I've seen on a few Morris blazers by restricting the lengthwise stretch of the fabric to mirror that of the fused front facing.

That's all, nothing major but definitely wanted to hit those points. See you back here for sewing next!

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