Mending - Do You or Don't You?

Mending: Do You or Don't You | Grainline Studio

So I know we all sew, that's why we're here, but how do you all feel about mending? Personally I find it a bit soul crushing and I'm not sure why. I make garments from nothing all the time, surely I should be able to mend something in no time! Instead things that need to be mended, usually my husband Jon's things, sit in a pile forever until he asks for the 37 millionth time about when I think they'll be done.

He's not demanding either, so that's not the case. He takes his jeans to be mended at our local dry cleaner and always asks if I can fix the garment or if he should take it in. I end up saying yes most of the time because in his mind there's nothing I can't fix which is a great feeling. He literally thinks I'm just doing magic tricks all the time with sewing and knitting which is pretty cool. I mean it is sort of magical right?! We take a piece of fabric or a scrap of yarn and turn it into an awesome garment!

Mending: Do You or Don't You | Grainline Studio

I think I don't like mending because it goes against my perfectionist nature. I'll never really be able to get something back to how it was before hand, especially something like this plaid shirt I mended for Jon. In this case I decided to go the visible mending route, which is a hard one for me! I love looking at the visible mending Instagram hashtag but doing something like that just isn't in my nature.


It seems like I'm always mending Jon's clothes rather than my own, he's much harder on them, but also has less to rotate. He also wears store bought clothing more than I do since I don't really sew for him, so that probably has something to do with it as well. Come to think of it, I don't think I've worn through a garment in about 2 years now.

Is there a middle ground between visible and invisible mending that doesn't just look like a giant mess? I think that's sort of where I'm at. I'd love to know what your feelings on mending are. Do you mend? Visibly, invisibly, or somewhere in between?

Mending - Do You or Don't You? | Grainline StudioMending - Do You or Don't You? | Grainline Studio