Me Made May Recap

 Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

You guys ready for some Me Made May Recap time? Just when you couldn’t get enough selfies of me on IG I’m throwing them at you one more time. Sheesh!! Anyway, I chose to document my Me Made May on Instagram (@grainlinestudio) and things started out well enough, but somewhere early, around day 15 I just couldn’t handle another photo of the same outfits in front of my fridge. Confession…I’m a serial outfit wearer. When I start wearing something I just want to wear it nonstop until I turn my outfit laser focus onto another unsuspecting garment. Lots of repeats so I kind of stopped photographing them. There are one or two MMM Instagram photos missing here but all the photographed outfits are represented. I also took my Portside set up to the cottage and totally failed at photographing that. Ah well.

Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

So what did I learn from this month? I already knew I hate having my photo taken and that didn’t change. Here’s my list…

  • I haven’t been able to make anything new for myself lately because I’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the new pattern release and shop relaunch and I’m pretty tired of a lot of my clothes. I’m itching to get done with this so I can move on and get myself some new outfits!
  • I don’t have enough Hemlock tees. When I’m working I really like to wear leggings and an oversized tee b/c I’m up and down from the machine so much, I like to be comfortable. I actually only own 2 Hemlock tees, the ones from the tutorial, and I SERIOUSLY need to get on that shit.
  • I also need to make myself some bottoms. It was a really weird May in Chicago, cold enough that I couldn’t really wear my Maritime Shorts or Moss Skirts (at least without tights and come May there’s no way you’re getting me into tights). I definitely need to get on the pants wagon. I have a dream of a fall pants pattern release so maybe that’ll happen…
  • Definitely could use to weed out some of my older garments. Some of them I just never wear, mostly because they’re totally worn out.

Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

I really really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s Me Made May photos and I have to tell you, waking up to Twitter and Instagram alerts from all kinds of people wearing the garments they’ve made from your patterns really is a great way to get the day rolling and get me ready to work. That’s what gets me up in the morning and back to the computer, or pattern table, or sewing machine, or that beast of an iron in the new summer Chicago humidity. You guys are THE BEST!!!

Also I should add, all the patterns here are my own, though only about half of them are currently published. Above are the Archer, Lakeside, Hemlock, and the upcoming Alder Shirtdress. You can find them all in my shop here except for the Alder which is coming in a few weeks. It’s at the printer now, so soon I promise!

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